DIP sockets

Script overview

Component nameVRML generatorFootprint generator
DIP socketsdipsocket.plfp-dip.pl

VRML Model generators

Variable reference
SOCKET_COLORColor of plastic body
  dipsocket.pl [-?] [-d] [-r|-c] N P TC W A B H K [m] [h] [E] [T] [d1] [d2]

     -?,--help             - this help screen
     -r,--round-pins       - this help screen
     -c,--rectangular-pins - this help screen
     -d,--debug            - display debug coordinates and planes,
                             include debug info into output file
     N  - Number of pins
     P  - Pitch
     TC - Width
     W  - Width/diasmeter of pin
     A  - Body width
     B  - Body length
     H  - Body height
     K  - Elevation
  Optional parameters:
     m  - number of crossbars
     h  - Pin length (for round pin type)
          or edge extension (for rectangular pin type)
     E  - Edge height
     T  - Thickness of pin
     d1 - diameter of middle part of pin
     d2 - diameter of top part of pin

Footprint generator

  fp-dip.pl [-?] [-m] [-M] nm N C P X d R1 R2 [cx] [mx] [rd]

    -?,--help             - this help screen
    -m,--manual-soldering - adjust pin size for manual soldering
    -M,--manual-drill     - adjust drill diameter for manual PCB fabrication
    nm - footprint name
    N  - number of pins
    C  - distance between centers of pad
    P  - pitch
    X  - diameter of pad
    d  - finished hole diameter
    R1 - silkscreen width
    R2 - silkscreen height
  Optional parameters:
    cx - clearance
    mx - mask
    rd - reference designator


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