VRML export filter download and installation

First, obtain the pcb sources from

TYou can choose from

Currently, the PCB source changes frequently. I cannot guarantee, that last snapshot published here will be compatible with git HEAD version.

Please note, that you need nanometer version to get VRML export working.

  • Apply the patch to source tree. Download one of patches from:

    Ungzip the patch and apply it to source tree (assuming that top of source tree is your working directory)

    gunzip <gzipped_patch_file>
    git am <patch_file>
  • Build the PCB from sources usual way:
    ./configure [your favorite options]
    make && make install

VRML model library installation

Download the model library

and unpack it at top of PCB data directory <path_to_pcb_binary>/../share/pcb, usually /usr/share/pcb or /usr/local/share/pcb.

Library examples

Scripts provided here contain simple shell scripts I use to create my own library. They are not built systematically and they cannot be considered to be some complete and/or systematic solution. They are created ad-hoc and they contain only parts I use, used or planned to use.

These scripts are provided just as example how to use model and footprint generator scripts and how to create component map files.

Before you use the scripts, please adjust the path settings in the file

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