HIROSE FH26 FPC connector, 0.3mm pitch, 1mm height

Script overview

Component nameVRML generatorFootprint generator
HIROSE FH26 FPC connector, 0.3mm pitch, 1mm heightHIROSE-FH26-03.plfp-HIROSE-FH26-03.pl

VRML Model generators

Variable reference
PAD_COLORColor of metal pads
BODY_COLORColor of plastic body
ACT_COLORColor of actuator
  HIROSE-FH26-03.pl [-?] [-d] L T W H

    -?,--help  - this help screen
    -d,--debug - display debug coordinates and planes
    N - Number of pins
    A - Total width
    D - PCP slot width
    E - distance between side pads

Footprint generator

  fp-HIROSE-FH26-03.pl [-?] nm N A [cx] [mx] [rd]

    -?,--help                - this help screen
    nm - footprint name
    N  - number of pins
    A  - total width
  Optional parameters:
    cx - clearance
    mx - mask
    rd - reference designator


Please consult the datasheet at HIROSE Web site. All require dimensions (A, D and E) are listed in tables contained in datasheet.

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